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Grapetini Nails

By Michiemichiee
Savvy by DB nail polish in Grapetini.Exclusive to Priceline.I was never the girl who wore nail polish. I never understood how to apply it. Worst of all, whenever I tried to apply it, it always ends up being ruined by a combination of my lack of skills, coordination and clumsiness, causing the nail polish application to be a hot mess. Losing faith during many of my pathetic attempts to apply nail polish like a "normal girl", I would ultimately admit defeat that I will never get it right, and proceed to take the ruined nail polish off with some nail polish removal on cotton pads. It happened so many times that I finally decided to give up and stop trying. I have since only admired other girls' nail art and the bottles of nail polishes in beautiful colours at the store from afar.It was an encounter at Priceline where it had a box stocked with Savvy nail polishes discounted down to $2 that caught my interest again. I saw a purple nail polish in the shade "Grapetini" and decided I had to have it because its purple. Well, it took me exactly 2 hours to apply it last night.I know it will be a while until I ever attempt something like this again. :) Practice makes perfect. Grapetini Nails

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