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Grampa's Favorite Swear Words

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Hockey season is upon us. We were sitting at dinner talking about the next hockey game when the blond twin said that Grampa would be watching the game. She laughed and said, "And swearing. A lot."
For some reason, the brunette twin followed up asking whether or not Grampa said the "F" word. I said that he didn't. He had lots of swear words in his every day vocabulary, but the big "F" word wasn't one of them.
This lead to a completely off-color conversation about Grampa's favorite swear words. We ran down the list from H-E-double hockey sticks to the witch with a b. It was pretty funny to hear the girls try to say each word without saying each word. They wanted to be clear about specific swear words without getting into trouble.
We laughed and talked and Mommy swore. It was a great dinner. Somewhere my Dad was laughing his head off. We use to tell him that he couldn't watch hockey with the grandchildren because he swore too much. Well, we're still talking about hockey and swearing, even though he's not here to join us.

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