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Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld

Nail art has become very popular these days and everyone is experimenting with their own designs. But what if you don’t have many tools or accessories needed for nail art? Don’t worry, you can use regular tools to create Nail art too. Here is a very easy to do nail art which can be done in many styles and colors.

Gradient nails look pretty with contrasting colors or colors which complement each other. This nail art is very easy to do and looks equally pretty with different colors and combinations and can be manipulated in various ways.

For this, you just need two nail paints of your choice, a tooth pick, a small sheet of cellophane paper/aluminum sheet, a small piece of sponge and a top coat for this nail art.

Step 1:

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial


Paint your nails fully with the lightest shade of the nail paint. Apply a coat or two if the nail paint is not very opaque. Wait for it to totally dry or you might end up messing it.

Step 2:

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

Spread a small cellophane paper/ aluminum foil on the table and take both the shades side by side in small quantities. We need this to make our gradient for applying with the sponge.

Step 3:

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

Take a toothpick or a matchstick and slightly mix the meeting point of the two colors. This will be the gradient on the nails.

Step 4:

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

Dab a smooth sided sponge and then keeping the base shade (the shade we used in step 1) near the cuticles, slightly dab the sponge on the nail. Make slight forward and backward movements but do not overly swipe, just a bit to blend in the gradient. This will make the gradient look even more beautiful. You may also dab again in the two mixed shade and apply if you want more intensity. You may also do this in reverse ; that is keep the base shade near the tips and the second shade(here the orange shade) near the cuticles for variations.

Step 5

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

You are almost done. Just wait for the nail art to dry. The uneven surface of the sponge will make the nail art look a bit messy but we will fix it in the next step. In the next step we will make the nail surface smooth and seal the nail art with a clear top coat.

Step 6

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

Apply a coat of clear paint or top coat to smooth out the look. You may need multiple coats to give your nails the smooth finish as there may be very uneven surface after the sponge is used. Also clean the edges and wipe any excess for the clean crisp look.

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Guest Post by Chetana of StyleCraze

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