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Gourmet Grass-fed Burgers to Die For!

By Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

I’m not going to lie

I LOVE a good burger

burger header

I mean, I can become a bit completely obsessed when it comes to gourmet food.

This is funny actually, because I used to be a vegetarian…more on this later.

I threw together these bunless burgers a few nights ago and I’ve been craving them ever since!  The nice thing is that you can totally customize them to fit each palate.

I loaded mine with so many toppings I could barely get each flavor into each bite.

I hope you love them!

Lindsay’s Grass-Fed Burgers

      • 2 lb local grass fed beef, lamb, bison, venison or a combination

      • 2 T. worchesterchire sauce

      • 2 T. garlic powder

      • freshly ground pepper

-combine together with your hands in a large bowl, and form into patties.

photo 1-14

-I cooked them on Med – Med/High on the stove in cast iron (no additional oil or butter needed, but duck fat would make these out of this world if you have it!) for about 7-10 minutes on each side.  Obviously, a grill would work magic.
photo 2-14

-once done, add a slice of grass fed cheddar or gorgonzola cheese, turn the heat off, and cover with a lid.  this will melt the cheese but not overcook the burgers.
photo 1-15


Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions:

      • 1 T. grass fed butter

      • 2 small organic white or yellow onions, sliced

      • 10 organic cremini mushrooms, sliced

      • 2 garlic cloves, minced

-sautee together on med until onions are beginning to be translucent and mushrooms are brown – I started these around the time that I flipped the burgers.

    • Avocado – sliced

    • Pickles – we had bread & butter which were amazing

    • Fermented beets

    • organic Tomato

    • organic Field Greens

    • Fried egg – if you haven’t tried this, give it a go.  It just might change your life…or at least your evening. just leave the yolk runny and don’t salt it.

    • Bacon – I didn’t include it this go ’round, but go for it – I mean, what’s not better with some local, pastured, uncured, nitrate free bacon?!

    • what did I miss….?

They were so juicy and packed with toppings that they didn’t need any condiments.

photo 2-15

Had I thought ahead better I would have served them with my famous roasted carrots, but sweet potato fries did quite nicely for the evening.

What’s your favorite burger topping?

live well. be well.

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