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Got Trouble? Don’t Hide From It!

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Got Trouble? Don’t Hide From It!



It’s human nature to wish that problems would simply disappear if you ignore them. But truthfully, how often does that happen? Sticking your head in the sand can ultimately have long-lasting, far-reaching negative effects on one’s life. No matter how overwhelming life can sometimes feel be sure to remain an active participant in your own progress. And be particularly mindful of the following…



Letting your possessions fall apart can have a negative impact on a number of levels. First off, constantly seeing run-down items or living in a house that’s falling apart can make you feel pretty crappy, emotionally. These broken, worn-out possessions stand as psychological reminders of things not accomplished. So even if you only tackle one little thing at a time, look around and fix what’s broken or pitch it out, thereby opening up your life to new good things.

It also stands to reason that if you let your car fall apart it’s going to eventually leave you stranded. Plus ignoring one small repair could lead to far bigger, costlier repairs down the road, so get to it!


Financial Woes

With exorbitant interest rates and various late fees is there any question that ignoring your finances can cause a world of trouble? This cautionary note to be diligent is not just regarding credit cards, either – also be sure to stay up on your taxes. Besides, who knows, the government might actually owe you!

Work to get a real handle on where your money is going so that you can trim unneeded expenses when times get tough.



This is a long-standing dilemma for people facing financial troubles—how to take care of their physical well-being? First off, do what you can by eating right and getting regular exercise. And then try to find any free programs like blood tests and screenings that either government or local health agencies may offer. Prevention and early detection is key! If you’re just not feeling right you must do whatever you can to try and get a diagnosis and treatment, because like with your finances and material possessions, little problems can soon lead to big ones.

Though you may thinking, if times are tough how will I manage to take care of all of this stuff? First, recognize the importance of such things and the value of acting early – then prioritize and remove extraneous expenses so that you start building a savings plan for the more important issues. Also consider taking any extra work you can, even if temporarily, until you get your feet back under you. By heading trouble off at the pass you will make room for the things that really matter to you, like living a good life and working to make a better tomorrow.


Written by Erin Nolan. Do you have an insurance premium refund coming to you?

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