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GOP Opposes Everything That Most People Want To Happen

Posted on the 06 December 2021 by Jobsanger
GOP Opposes Everything That Most People Want To Happen 

It seems like all we hear these days is how the Republican Party is going to win in 2022 -- and seize control of one or both houses of Congress. I know that tradition says the party not in the White House usually does well in an off-year election, but that does not have to happen. There have been years where the party in the White House did well in the off-year election. And we also have to take into account that the current Republican Party is an extremist organization. They refuse to negotiate or compromise on anything, and most voters don't like that. Voters in the U.S. tend to like moderation -- not extremism.

Add to this the fact that the current Republican Party opposes everything that most people would like to see happen. Some examples:

A majority of Americans want the government to control global warming and stop the climate change that is happening. Republicans oppose efforts to do that.

Most Americans want to see the minimum wage raised, so full-time workers don't remain mired in poverty. Republicans oppose raising the minimum wage, and some even want to abolish it.

Most Americans want the government to insure that all citizens have health care insurance. Republicans oppose all efforts to accomplish that.

Most Americans want the loopholes closed in the background check law, so that criminals, terrorists, and other dangerous people cannot legally buy a gun. Republicans have blocked all attempts to do that.

Most Americans want the rich, especially the super-rich, to pay more in taxes. Republicans want them to pay less.

Most Americans want it made easier for citizens to vote. Republicans are trying to make it harder.

Most Americans support abortion in at least some cases (like in Roe vs. Wade). Republicans want to make abortion illegal -- forcing women into dangerous back-alley abortions.

Most Americans want the coronavirus controlled through vaccinations and wearing of masks. Republicans oppose both (and are actually helping the virus to survive).

Most Americans want to see marijuana legalized. Republicans oppose legalization.

Most Americans support same-sex marriage and want equal rights for the LGBT community. Republicans think it's OK to discriminate.

Maybe the Republicans will win in 2022. But if they do, it will be because too many voters stayed home. The current Republican Party is out-of-step with a clear majority of voters.

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