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Gooooooooooood Morning!

By Kmitrix @kmitrix

I woke up so clear today, not groggy like usual - it’s friggin’ awesome!

Harry’s parent-teacher conference is this morning at 10 am so I took the morning off from work. Yes, I know he’s 1 yr old. Yes, I know he’s in daycare. Whatever, I love hearing about my kid so I’m going along with it. 

Harry’s doing so good with his medicine for the ear infections and with us putting Bacitracin on the stitches. He’s had a tough few days and he’s such a good kid when I would totally understand if he wanted to be a complete bitch.

Also, I will be getting the caterpillars above my eyes as well as the Amish chin-neck beard removed after the conference. I’m getting annoyed with supermarket cashiers calling me “sir”.

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