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Google to Launch Premium TV Channels on YouTube This Week.

Posted on the 06 May 2013 by Hadi20 @hadi_frht
Two months ago, I wrote a post about rumors about Google trying to make more money from YouTube, back then, we talked about a premium music service that Google is getting ready to launch this year.
And the we weren't completely wrong, Google is trying to make more money from YouTube but it seems that they are in a bit of a hurry since the premium channels are expected to arrive later this week.
Last week, Eric Schmidt announced that "The television is surpassed" whileYouTube exceeded one billion unique users per month

Google to replace TV

Google to launch premium TV channels on YouTube this week. Many sources (including the Financial Times) agree on the fact that the channels on subscription arrive this week on YouTube. First, they will launch 50 channels, for a subscription fee of $ 1.99 per month.
Google could therefore present a serious competitor to Netflix (which is not available for many users outside the U.S)

Moreover, rumor has it that Google was in discussions with a number of companies such as Warner Music Group with the idea of ​​offering a music subscription service.


More Money for Google 
Google to launch premium TV channels on YouTube this week.YouTube is already extremely profitable for Google, even though its economic model was only turned around advertising. This new announcement will mean both the arrival of a lot more quality content on the video platform and the arrival of a lot more cash through the subscription model

However, the question is, are you willing to drop a few dollars a month for premium channels on YouTube?

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