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Google+: To Be Or Not to Be?

By Thepracticalmommy2 @PracticalMommy2
A few months ago, I joined the Google + crowd. I have had an account with Google+ when it was still in test mode, but I rarely used it. Why? No one was there! I had a few friends who signed up, but they used Facebook or Twitter more.
Today I started a Google+ page for my HubPages account. (Find it here!) It just seemed way too easy. I signed into my regular account, added a few items and voila! I had a page created. I felt like I did something wrong for it to happen that fast. I guess not though. It's up and running...
How's it going to turn out? I'll see. I'm going to find some fellow hubbers/bloggers/human beings and perhaps build a new little group to interact with.
See you there, perhaps?

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