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Google Plus Introduces ‘Google+ Sign-In’

Posted on the 01 March 2013 by Tftb @TFTB

Google Plus is 500 million registered users strong and slowly its try to capture the Facebook social space. Over the span of 8 years, Facebook has grown from just being a social networking website to a platform which many developers and websites take advantage of.

google plus sign in

With the trust and security Google has built over the past decade, Google + is now introducing a similar feature called Google Plus Sign In, which could now appear on many websites as another option for users to sign in with their Google Plus credentials. This is a move to bring more activity and integration of their social layer Google Plus over all the websites their users like.

In early 2008, Facebook introduced Facebook Connect a unique Facebook API feature which allowed websites to implement the ‘Sign-In via Facebook’ button which as of today is donned by almost every website for their website registration. The Facebook connect made it easy for third-party websites to get all the necessary information from the user’s Facebook profile which other wise had to be manually filled by the user, this not only was good for users as being a hassle-free signup/sign-in process but also built a trusted relationship between the website and the user on having the real identity but also the opportunity to tap in with their friends and basic likes and dislikes. Google+ Sign in is a feature to compete with the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ button.

sign in with google

Signing into websites with Google + also allows users to install that website’s mobile App with one click to their Android devices immediately. Google describes this as a new way for webmasters and developers to connect the larger Google experience with their applications and websites which in return can give access to virtually anything in the Google and Google Plus API. The most common details which would be shared are full name, profile picture, Google+  user ID, age, location, language, friends ( people in your circle ) and other public information of your profile. If integrated well by the developer, it would give an opportunity for the developer to integrate their app with other Google services like Calender,Gmail, Drive etc.

All the information would of course be given via a consent dialog box. This gives the power to the users to control what they want to share and what they do not want to share.

You can check the demo here

Here are few websites which already have the Google+ Sign-in enabled on their websites, you can check how the fancy new ‘Sign in with Google’ button on these websites.

via Google Plus Platform

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