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Google+ Now Available for Google App Users

Posted on the 28 October 2011 by Tftb @TFTB

Google’s social networking site ‘Google+‘ had one major issue, Google App users weren’t allowed to sign up or join the service anyhow, with their Google Apps account. It was a bit disappointing for all the paid Google Apps businesses as they had to sign up with their personal accounts even to make their professional Google+ Profile.

Google+ Now Available for Google App Users

Google announced on their Google Enterprise blog, that Google+ is as of today available for Google Apps users too. Google Apps administrators manually have to start this service for their domain/account for their organization users to sign up and start using.

The Google+ Rollout tips are pretty handy to get things started for any Google App administrator.  Make sure that Google Picasa and Google Chat to is enabled as Google+ requires both the services for photo uploads and chat to work. If those two services are not enabled, Google+ won’t be available.

Once enabled, Google Apps users can sign up via They get exactly the same features as other users get plus they  get the option to share updates with everyone in the same organization without even making a new circle or adding them to any circle. Those colleagues are already added to your organization circle.

Could this be an end to all the Enterprise blogging platforms? But would it be wise for non-social media related companies to allow their employees to have a social networking profile and  work profiles merged in together?
A few more weeks and we would have the analysis on how Google Apps users accepted Google+ to their enterprise network.

via Google Enterprise Blog

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