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Google+, More Than Another Social Network.

Posted on the 07 November 2012 by Thepopcornpreacher @ThePopCornPreac
Google Plus logoHi, there!
ThepopCornPreacher here and for todays post I want to try somethig a bit different. I have been using google+ now on various accounts and am really starting to see the massive potential that this site has.

The History

Google+ was a service launched in 2011 and aimed to beat faceboook in the race for the crown of the number one social network.

My thoughts On the Service

To be honest I would go as far to say that google+ is better then twitter and facebook combined.  Its creative blend of usability mixed with easy contet sharing make it a great alternative.
Another plus to the google service is that with the social platform you get al of the partnered google software i.e Blogger, GooglePlay and YouTube just to name a few.
This site feels more like a service than a social network and I think alot of sites are starting to follow suit, they realize that allowing all of us to acces many different services all in one place makes for a much richer social experience.
They are becomiing more than just places to talk with friends but actual HUBs to spend time, read about world news and even create a business. They are becoming something resembling more of a 'Socialopolis' than a social network.

The Minor Negative 

I must say however that although googles service is amazing, some of the apps such as blogger don't quite offer the kind of opportunities or carry the same sort of gravitas as other similar sites in their respective fields.
Hopefully as the service becomes more and more mainstream we will see google develop their older services such as blogger and reader to make everything shine as much as their social networking mechanic.
Although google can at times come across as being a cold dark internet corporatione, it cannot be argued that the products and software they produce are all of a really high standard. 

Last Word 

To finish I would say that Google plus is not being talked about enough!
I know it has not had the kind of history of facebook or the celebrity endorsements that twitter recieved, However, If you are looking to become an online entrepenuer or just a social King or queen, Google Plus Offers the perfect blend of blogging and broadcasting.
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