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Google I/O Day Two Roundup

Posted on the 29 June 2012 by Tftb @TFTB

With Google I/O Day one being a blast that included a major new release for Android, a Google branded Android tablet, a home entertainment device and a high-tech crazy demo for Google glasses, Day two was welcomed with some three major releases. Second day being more focused on the Web, the news expected to circulate around Chrome and other Google web apps.

google i/o chrome

Lets walk through the three major announcements on day two of Google I/O

Google Chrome for iOS

chrome for iOS
chrome for iOS
Chrome for iOS
chrome for iOS

If you are avid Google Chrome user, you would love this new release. Google Chrome for iOS is finally here with cross-device synching to iOS, which means you can sync all your devices’ browser sessions and your desktop browser session and stay updated and synced everywhere.  The opened tabs, bookmarks, history and even logged in cookies are shared in all your Chrome instances on desktop as well as mobile.

Chrome for iOS is almost on par with Safari for iOS but lacks good java script support this makes it a little slower than the default iOS browser. This is definitely not a major setback the browsing experience on Chrome for iOS is still very rich with all the swipe gestures implemented aesthetically. Swipe through the edge of the screen to switch tabs, swipe left from tab thumbnails to close tabs, swipe on new tab menu to access synced content or bookmarks or tab page. Definitely worth the try.

Google Chrome for iOS

Download the App here.

Google Compute Engine

google compute engine

Google announced a compute-on-demand service that rivals Amazon’s Elastic Compute ( EC2) service. This new service which would run along the previously launched cloud based services like Google Storage, BigQuery and Google App Engine. The Google Compute Engine would help run your large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure.

This new service yet in beta testing stage will only be available to limited number of users. What it basically does is allows developers to run whatever software they want on raw virtual machines on Google’s servers. This way all the Applications which need computing power would run seamlessly online. During the keynote, Google said that this service will let applications scale to hundreds of thousands of processor cores, showing one genetics-related application running on about 600,00 cores. Based on the computing power, this service could offer 50% more compute power per dollar compared to Amazon EC2.

Google Docs Offline And Google Drive for iOS

Google Docs finally works offline. Yes! Users are now allowed to edit docs without a connected to web. To use offline document editing in Google Docs, users will have to enable it in application settings while they log in online. Once that is enabled, google docs can be accessed offline. it automatically syncs the changed documents offline whenever a connection is available.

Along with this, they also announce Google Drive App for iOS. This allows iOS device owners to start taking advantage of Google’s storage service.

google drive for iOS
Google Drive app for iOS
Google Drive App for iOS
google drive app for iOS

google drive app for iOS

Download Google Drive for iOS

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