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Google IO 2012 – Day 2 Round Up

Posted on the 28 June 2012 by Techdrink @techdrink1

An interesting second day keynote from Google IO 2012. Summarised below.

Not as many updates as on Day 1 of Google IO 2012 though.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser is now available in the i-world, iphone and ipad. Browser syncing has been made a whole lot easier, smoother and faster, thanks butter! Sync looks to be impressive and smooth, nothing new but amazing and now faster.

Chrome Browser Apps

New Platform to allow much more interaction from user input including webcam movements and face recognition. All within the browser. Individual css, html animations and webGL with chrome browser and new platform = amazing and smooth experience. Cirque du Soleil video of this later.

Developers can now integrate voice recognition systems from Google into apps easily, meaning an end to the keyboard maybe around the corner? maybe not.

Google Chrome Books

Google Drive / Docs

Google Docs will now be available for offline viewing on macs and offline view/edit on chrome and windows. GD is also rolling out improvements to its multi-user collaboration tools making it easier and faster to set up and use regardless of your device.

Google App Engine

Announcing, Google Compute Service – linux virtual machine – 1 or 1000 networked using googles backbone. Based around Google Data centres and app engine, super fast always and no one else will notice using the service. Predictably high performance (600,000 cores and building) means less errors. Up to 50% more computer than other cloud providers per dollar. Now available in limited beta preview.

Google Plus is 1 year old today, so we are expecting a few nice things to come out of the IO keynote today.

We’ve had it confirmed today is Chrome and Apps Day for Keynote, its going to be very much web based and not android / tablet / glass based as with yesterday. Also it seems today is Google TV day.

So far the IO swag bag is the Chrome OS Box, Nexus Q, Nexus Phone and a Nexus Tablet… don’t you wish you were at Google IO 2012?

A few things from yesterday we didn’t have time to fit in:

  • Google Drive API update and new SDK
  • Google Maps are now available offline, as promised a few weeks ago
  • Google Maps also has 3D now, again as previously promised
  • Public Transit data now in maps API
  • New Hangout Apps, and Hangout App Metrics
  • New and Updates Youtube API and App
  • New in-app purchasing model, integrating Wallet – more info soon on this
  • 16 new gestures in Android
  • You can now order the Nexus 7 on the device playstore.

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