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Goody Stylista Brush | Styling with Personality

By Genzelkisses

I am really enjoying the weather these days.  The cold breeze…  How I miss the winter back home.  It feels like we’re still in December.  I almost want to sleep all day long, cuddling with my pillows and blankets.  I need something pretty to blog about so it adds up to my good mood today.  I remembered, I haven’t shared with you this super pretty comb from The Sugar Bomb!

Goody Stylista Brush

Goody Stylista Brush

This brush is not your ordinary brushes that you can find in stores.  It comes in different designs to suit your personality.  I’m a kind of person who just combs my hair like twice a day *laughs!*  Yes, even when I still have my long locks.  First is in the morning after the shower, and at night after taking my night bath before heading to sleep.

Do you believe in the power of brushing your hair 100x at night?

It is said that, our hair grows longer, even faster when we brush it like 100 times before we sleep at night.  It’s sounds like a miracle but I believe on that haha.  However, sometimes when I feel oh so tired, all I want is to snuggle on my bed.  BUT if you really wanna do it, here’s the tip!  Go find yourself a pretty brush!  Surrounding myself with pretty little things motivates me to do something that wanted to do but I just feel lazy sometimes.

Goody Stylista Brush (2)

It comes with a simple packaging with more information at the back.

Goody Stylista Brush (4)

I love white bristles when it comes to hair brushes.  It helps making sure that they are always clean.  The length of the bristles are just enough to comb and glide in my naturally thick, sometimes wavy hair.  It feels like I’m massaging my scalp every time I use it.

Goody Stylista Brush

Goody logo on the handle.  It doesn’t fade easily!  Also, I have that trust when it comes to Goody products.  Their accessories are really durable.  You may find them expensive but it’s worth the investment.  Also, as they say, hair is our crowning glory.  I admit, I splurge more when it comes to my hair.

Goody Stylista Brush

The handle is not too long, nor too thin.  I can easily grab it with my little fingers.

Goody Stylista Brush

The best part of this brush is the Style.  Thanks so much TSB for choosing this design for me.  Totally in love with it to bits!  Pink, black, gray, white, are just my favorite colors.  This brush is totally me! 


Goody Stylista Brush

Thankful that the head is rectangular.  I love rectangular heads rather than oblongs or other shapes.  It covers my full hair while combing.  I remember I have a super huge square hair brush before!  But it’s plain black and I find it boring to use.  With this one, I religiously comb my hair and make it silky and smooth before I turn into sleeping beauty.

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