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Goody Simple Style Spin Pin

By Nicelise
Goody Simple Style Spin PinI have a lot of hair. A lot! My hair is very thick and wavy. It takes a long time to blow try and several hair ties to keep it up in a pony tail.
I love the way little chignons and top knots look, but I was never able to get enough bobby pins or hair ties in my hair to keep a bun in place.
I have seen many commercials for Goody Spin Pins, but I have to admit, I was skeptical that just two of those pins would be able to keep all of my hair in place so I never bought them.
When I got sent the spin pins to review, I was really interested to see if they really could keep everything in place. And to my amazement, they could!
The first time I tried them, I left my hair naturally wavy, which makes it a bit tougher to pull up. I did have to use two or three additional bobby pins to keep a few unruly pieces back in place, but the spin pins did most of the work.
When I used them in my hair when it was blown out, they worked perfectly. After I blow my hair out, I like to wait a couple of days to wash it again. By the last day I go without washing my hair, I usually just pull my hair into a slicked back pony tail, but I've grown tired of that style. Now I've been able to pull my hair into a top knot with these spin pins.
The pins come in both light and dark colors to blend in with your own hair color. I have dark hair and used the dark hair colored pins and they did not show.
If you want to try out the spin pins, the package comes with two pins and instructions on how to use them, which is very easy. They cost $7.29 and you can find them at most drug stores and specialty beauty stores.
Is this a product you think you would try?
- Nic
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** Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster**

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