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Goodnight, Sunrise Backstage at Parkjam [Interview]

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
Goodnight, Sunrise Backstage at Parkjam [Interview]

We finally caught up, in person, with Goodnight, Sunrise at London's Parkjam Festival.

In short, we had lots to talk about!

We've included their songs in more than one New Music Spotlight, we've covered their live shows, we ran a contest with them, and even premiered their video, Remember Now. So this meeting was a long time coming. Our conversation started off with hellos and thank yous from Vanessa and David. They graciously thanked us for supporting their band. I was very quick to let them know that they have our support because we think they're awesome.

It's been a busy year for Goodnight, Sunrise with a lot of very cool moments. Last year included the momentous highlight of getting selected by Q107 to open for Bon Jovi at The Air Canada Centre. Compared to that, we thought it might be tough to pick one from this year. We were wrong. They immediately answered with how amazing it was to be on tour all summer, and that they tour the west coast for the first time. David and Vanessa talked about not only the ocean and the mountains but the wonderful crowds that came out to see them.

"We didn't have like super high expectations you never know when you go to cities for the first time. The shows are amazing the people are amazing" - Vanessa

Goodnight, Sunrise Backstage at Parkjam [Interview]
I'd been trying to set something up with Goodnight, Sunrise since the release of Don't Want It to End, and I think it's fitting that this conversation finally came together just as summer is ending. Funny story, it was written about winter, in the winter. We still think it works for the end of summer.

It's a song about really being present. The song is about not wanting a particular moment to end, and trying to prolong those special moments.

"The song is about just wanting to prolong things as life goes on. You have fun moments and exciting moments. But then time slowly passes, and you feel more distant from those moments. About getting sad about things overall, but it's also about the whole balance of life." - David

I just wanted to add in, this is an excellent song for a long drive.

Goodnight, Sunrise Don't Want It to End Spotify Stream

Since they've been on tour all summer, I had to ask, what are the best and worst things about touring.

Best favourite thing Vanessa: "I honestly think it's the stupid inside jokes that have us laughing so hard over like literally nothing."

Least favourite thing David: "Lack of sleep. We're up until three every night. And It's very exhausting. It feels so
lame to complain about but logistically, it really is very exhausting."

One other thing, Vanessa wanted to get this message out to venue owners. "Many venues were kind enough to let us leave our gear there overnight. It's such a big deal. Not only for the fact that you don't have to move all your gear that night, but it's much safer than having the gear in the van." We've all seen the Facebook posts about the rash of gear thefts this year.

Goodnight, Sunrise Backstage at Parkjam [Interview]

Goodnight, Sunrise Photos from Parkjam

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Thanks to David and Vanessa for chatting with us, keep your eye on their socials for upcoming dates, they're coming, and get out and see this band live!

Goodnight, Sunrise Backstage at Parkjam [Interview]

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