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Goodbye Writing a River

By Yvonnespence @Yvonne__Spence
Yes, it's true, this will be that last ever post on Writing a River.

Goodbye Writing a River

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But it's not the end!
In my previous post I wrote about looking for hosting company because I was thinking about moving this blog.
After a ton of conversations on Facebook and Google+ and a somewhat smaller number on Twitter, as well as "live-chats" with three hosting companies and phone chats with another - two of which ended up running well past the witching hour because they were in California or Arizona on Pacific Time and I am in the UK on British Summer Time -
I have made a decision!!!
And some discoveries.  
What I discovered in all those conversations is that:
  • For every person who likes one blog hosting provider, there will be someone else who dislikes it.
  • Support staff at the various hosting companies I contacted are patient.
  • In some cases they are VERY patient.
  • In the end, decisions just happen.
  • But doing research helps me get to that decision - even if in the end it just happens. 
  • And even after the hosting company is chosen and button is pressed to connect to Wordpress, there are still decisions to make! Ugh. 

I've been thinking about moving this blog for a LONG TIME. Now, I really truly am doing it. Well, that may not be entirely, utterly, 100% true. I pressed the buttons to make it start, but when it comes to the design, my sixteen-year-old daughter is doing most of it, with me standing at her side, looking on. She knows about HTML and CSS and so on. I know enough HTML to open a link in a new page, or to add italics, bold and possibly at a stretch to underline. But I'd have to think about it! Very hard.
We're making good progress. Things have been slowed down a little by the mild inconvenience that she's doing exams just now! Still, the last one is tomorrow so this weekend should see a big leap forward with the site.
Goodbye Writing a River
The other thing that slowed us down was trying to decide on a theme. I want my new site to look professional with bells on, and modern and elegant, so we've been doing a lot of research.
And a little bit of arguing.
Some things she likes I don't. Some stuff I like she doesn't. She blogs on Tumblr, so her market is a teensy weensy bit different to mine. She uses words like these:
  • Fandom. 
  • Feels. 
  • Agents of Shield. 
  • Shipping. 
  • Feels about ships. 
 If you have to ask what those mean you're just way out of touch! And if you think ships are anything to do with vessels used for traveling on the ocean - you are way, way, way out of touch. (Except I'm probably way out of touch in using the phrase, "way out of touch.")
So anyway. We'd narrowed it down to 2 possibilities and then Julie of Fabulous Blogging put a spanner in our words or a cat among our pigeons (or something) by writing a post about her favorite free Wordpress themes. We started researching again. My daughter tried one out and it didn't look too bad. It just didn't get me excited either.
We have made a decision though, and I'm really, really pleased with it. I feel sure the new blog will look fabulous. Much as I am itching to give you a preview, I also want to wait till it's done. (Cos really there's nothing to show you as yet.)
This will be the last post from this blog, except for one with a redirect. I'm a little bit sad, because I like the name Writing a River (obviously, since I thought it up!) But I'm a lot excited. And if I can figure out a way, writing a river will sneak in there somehow.
So bye for now and I'll see you at the new blog!

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