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Goodbye Goldie and Chickies

By Chelseajmartin

Last night we had a raccoon attack our chick-a-loo with our 19 chicks and broody momma hen Goldie. Only three chicks survived. It was a heart breaking scene. Not just because of the death of 16 chicks but because Goldie was one of our original three bantam hens and probably one of the coolest, best momma chickens ever.

Alot of evidence was left behind from the attack but we were not able to find Goldie. The survivors include one coronation sussex, a white crested polish, and a marans. This was especially hard on the family member that found them first this morning- my Dad.

I’m not sure how we will proceed. We have three chicks to raise and 13 adult birds in our flock. It won’t be the same without Goldie, and I’m not sure if we will try for more chicks this season or even consider selling most if not all of our flock.

This is surely just part of raising farm animals but right now that doesn’t bring alot of comfort. We’ll miss watching chick T.V., seeing those little yellow pom poms grow on the polish hens, and ultimately collecting eggs from our backyard flock. More then anything, our flock will be short one broody brahma hen- the true matriarch of our flock.

You’ll be missed Goldie.

Goldie on the Fence

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