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Good Questions

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
I really hadn't planned on linking up this week, but the questions were just too good to pass up. Plus, I'm in dire need of a pick-me-up right now so I think this fun little Q & A Hop will do the trick!

This week's questions are from Seriously Shawn.{1} What is the best or worst pick up line you have ever been given?I honestly haven't been hit on much and the times I have just weren't all that memorable. I will say that my favorite pick up line ever heard was when a guest doctor on the show Scrubs walked by a pretty nurse and asked, "Hey, can I buy you a house?" I'm almost certain that would work on me. Call me a gold digger, but I'm not passing up a free frickin' house. lol
{2} What is your most and least favorite day of the week?Favorite day - Sunday. It's usually quieter than the rest. Least favorite day - Monday. Sunday just seems so far away.
{3} How many hours of sleep do you require each night?I prefer 7-9 hours, but I function reasonably on 5-6 hours.
{4} Is there a song that takes you back in time? What song is it & what's the memory attached?Yes. "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry. I remember hearing it when I had several high school friends over the night before I was to move across country for college. One good friend stayed with me almost the entire night just talking. It was a very emotional time for me and he really helped me through it. I'm still thankful. {5} What is your biggest guilty pleasure?Diet Coke. Seems fairly harmless, right? Well, let's just say I could use to drink a few less. But I just love, love, love the stuff. It's so damn delicious.  
Good Questions

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