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Good Morning Will Leave You Feeling Refreshed With Glory EP [Premiere]

Posted on the 27 January 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Good Morning Will Leave You Feeling Refreshed With Glory EP [Premiere]

Melbourne’s Good Morning have honed a dreamy, tinkering sound that reflects the homey comfort of bedroom recordings and stands out stylistically in the crowded sea of Australian slacker pop. Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair create a consuming atmosphere with careful compositions that linger and wander in warm tones. While critics and fans alike have already succumbed to their nonchalant charm thanks to 2014’s Shawcross EP, their sophomore EP finds the band sinking deeper into their monotony-fueled musical meanderings with more creativity.

Good Morning’s Glory EP is a collection of laid-back lullabies for the pleasantly directionless. The release’s opener, “Overslept”, assumes a woozy sway made of intertwined guitar riffs and the patient repetition the line, “What in the world should I say?” Gliding forward with a sense of purpose, the twang of “Cab Deg”‘s guitar and echoing vocals feels familiar and comforting almost immediately. “To Be Won” is a love song almost set in the distance that hits an emotional pinnacle as the piano solo and guitar meet near the end.  Lush harmonies, Glenn Blair’s heartwarming saxophone solo, and the spoken end of “Give Me Something To Do” give off the same glow as “The Great Start”‘s two-note oscillations. But, nothing represents the overall sound of the group better than the EP’s culminating track. “In The Way” holds tightly to the scruffy enchantment in its steadfast hook through two distinct halves with opposing tempos and a spiraling frenzy in between. Indifferent but intentional, Good Morning’s Glory EP will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and maybe even glorious.

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