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Good Mommy, Bad Mommy

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
Is there any one thing that turns you quickly from a good mommy to a bad mommy? For me it is the combination of a whiny child and not enough sleep for me. I stayed up waaaaaaay past bedtime last night doing something I rarely ever do anymore: I watched a movie! A movie that my husband has been wanting me to watch with him for a while.
So, I did. I'm glad I did. There were many poignant, thought-provoking quotes in the movie, The Edge (yes, I'm very behind any movie lacking "Barbie" or "Car" in the title) and it was interestingly analogous to our current business situation.
That said, I'm tired! My threshold for whining goes from an approximate 7 out of 10 to absolutely 0! Zero! No tolerance. I am snappy and sometimes mean. Then I have to comfort them when their faces fall because of "Bad Mommy". It's confusing for them, especially the little one.
So, what to do? Ensure that you get just what you need to stay in the realm of "Good Mommy." Which, for me, means I'm going to let my 5-year-old watch a video and I'm going to catch a nap while the boy sleeps.
What makes you mean? What keeps you nice? Do something for you today! What will it be?

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