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Good Luck for Room

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

GOOD LUCK FOR ROOMWhy continue Vastu and Feng Shui Chi for health, prosperity and harmonious relations to harmonize?
Feng Shui or Vastu is an ancient cultural practice to be defended in harmony with the natural setting of the environment. The power lines destined for the ultimate happiness nature as it is on the other side or the melodic mix of the spiritual world. Life is a dynamic process of continuous, ever-changing state of change, of transformation of the energy model of the field and to achieve the human psyche with the highest level of processing. The situation in life is never static. The law of nature is change polarity at one point. Feng Shui makes it easier and more comfortable life in the times when the sky is the opportunity it goes wrong. Vastu tremendous success in abundance can unite the community of human happiness is when the weather is good.
Highlights of Vas tu and focus in all activities of life especially lucky. Vastu has the potential to transform life into the happiest unfortunate by creating harmony, balance and abundance in all relationships. Among other relationship in life scale between the opposite sex and soul mate. Good luck in terms of love, family, marriage and relationships is committed to the use of certain golden rules in dormitories and bed placement
The space is the space that is occupied almost a third of life. If this segment of the house with bad energy, placement, location or direction of the vessels concerned, will lead to misunderstandings and even divisions relations. , Low-chi erodes and misfortunes of all kinds will take place in this segment in the context. The simple step-by-step guidelines for a good atmosphere and the accessory and power can ensure that the relationships and mutual elevation ment.
After Feng Shui provides southwest love and relationships. So a good idea to increase the element of earth in this part of the house. Everything established the earth, like the idols of decorative stones, the image of mountains, rocks, stones or crystals suggests better in this direc
tion. As prevention is better than the presence of elements of wood and metal colors cure and should be limited or avoided in this area. It also shows that the element of fire is activated, such as light, lamps, candles, etc., to increase the energy of the earth in this sector, are used. Great care must be careful when selecting objects, carpets, curtains and upholstery, as well as shapes, colors, numbers and sizes.
Feng Shui clearly divides the use of the eastern part of the house or room children western parts of relations and harmony between them. West northeast father was allowed to mother, west of the third child, second son of the north, northeast to the third child, the first child of east and southeast, the first daughter and second daughter South t for placing their rooms. If for some reason it is not possible to place the bed in these directions or locations, it is advisable to choose one of the other branches of the same group of addresses.
First, the date of birth must be analyzed carefully to pa kua eight apartments formula to determine the NO KUA and group of each occupant. For someone in the group, the direction is favorable from the east, southeast, north and south. For Western person in the group are favorable directions west, southwest, northeast and northwest.
In Feng Shui regularly shaped spaces are getting better and superior irregularly shaped spaces. Therefore, the best forms are rectangular or square. L-shaped, circular or irregular shape other rooms must be better prevented or corrected by Feng Shui remedies. a position of the screen to create two separate areas is a good way for the L-shaped room If nothing works, a canopy bed is the best way to avoid the irregularity of t
he room.
Whatever good and bad investment for the bed, which should always be placed diagonally opposite the door with a solid wall behind, in order to give stability to the sleeping occupants. The entrance to the room to the bed and the direction of the group addresses must be visited in accordance with good practice. Ideally, the harmonic is luxurious and comfortable bed with a mattress with a double size bed, and should. The header can be favorable, calligraphy, symbols of love like love knot and a pair of mandarin ducks and pillowcases and sheets are decorated with embroidery,
basics of earth sciences, as Vastu, Feng Shui or pyramidology, all work well with the body, mind and spirit, as long as they are aligned with the inner and outer cosmos.
Anuj Jain Acharya

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