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Good Goodbye, Dean Brody & Friends in Toronto

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

For the second summer in a row, Dean Brody and some of his most talented friends took over the Budweiser Stage in Toronto for a night of country music good times.

This year, Dean was scheduled to have Michael Ray open the show, then Alan Doyle was on stage... and while nothing was said specifically, we knew there was more to come than that when Dean Brody took his turn as the evening's headliner. We were right.

In 2017 we had special quests Dallas Smith, Madeline Merlo, Shevy Price AND Alan Doyle. We had some feelings and asked for some tips and info about the 2018 Budweiser Stage show, but we didn't know what to expect. We don't think anyone did. And it was awesome.

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Good Goodbye, Dean Brody & Friends in Toronto

Note: The crazy hard rain that fell on Toronto in the afternoon and evening left just in time for the show. Things were soaking wet. Some fans had clearly been caught in the downpour on their way to the show, but when showtime came we felt nothing more than some light drops and everyone in attendance got to enjoy a full night of country music.

Michael Ray took his turn on stage first, welcoming the arriving crowd to the show. As the American rising star played through his short set with the band, he showed everyone in their seats that he's going to be one to watch. The Kiss You In The Morning singer sounded great on the big stage and looked comfortable and confident as he sang. And by the time he finished his set with Kiss A Little More, the crowd was in and singing along. It was a good start to the night to be sure.

Alan Doyle came out to the stage next, and that's when the Friday night party started at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto. The pride of Petty Harbour was everything that the fans hoped he'd be during his set. His energy was perfect, and the energy in the crowd was jacked up right along with him. He sang with everything he had in him, and the audience followed along from the front row of the pit to the last row of the 400 level.

It's cliche to say that it felt like a kitchen party. But they say they're called cliches for a reason. There were drinks in the air. There was a fiddle and an accordion on stage making music. There were drinking songs. And through it all there were smiles and dancing and happiness.

Good Goodbye, Dean Brody & Friends in Toronto

During his set, Doyle took a couple of opportunities to address the crowd. The first came before he played Somewhere In A Song when he dedicated it to his mother and father. It was sweet and loving, and we were genuinely touched.

The next time he gave us a little something, it was an anniversary celebration. It was 1998 the first time Alan Doyle played on the amphitheatre stage in Toronto. It was a cool acknowledgement of his career's longevity and success. And it was great to be a part of.

As the Atlantic Canada legend finished his set with Ordinary Day there was a feeling of pure joy in the air. The singing was louder, the dancing was more energetic, and Alan Doyle had left his mark on the Friday night Toronto crowd.

Alan Doyle Setlist, Budweiser Stage Toronto

🍁 Come Out With Me 🍁 When I'm Up I Can't Get Down 🍁 Now Or Never 🍁 Somewhere In A Song
🍁 Lukey's Boat 🍁 Bully Boys 🍁 Old Black Rum 🍁 So Let's Go 🍁 I've Seen A Little
🍁 1, 2, 3, 4 🍁 Ordinary Day

Photos of Alan Doyle at Budweiser Stage Toronto

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When Dean Brody's time to take the stage came, the crowd was more than ready. And when the stage lit up and Dean and the band came out, the country music fans at the Budweiser Stage got loud and showed him just how excited they were to be with him on a Friday night.

In a set that included old favourites, big hits, and all kinds of love for Dean Brody and his career - we also got the special surprises that we were hoping to see.

At about the ⅔ mark, Dean stripped things down for solo acoustic renditions of Brothers and Time, two songs that will pull at your heartstrings if you let them. And after that, the special guests started making their appearances.

First, from the Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Plains Cree Nation, 3-time world champion hoop dancer Dallas Arcand came to the stage with a special presentation. Dallas danced to The Tragically Hip's At The Hundredth Meridian in tribute to the late great Gord Downie and in recognition of our ongoing need to continue our work towards reconciliation. It was moving and spectacular.

Good Goodbye, Dean Brody & Friends in Toronto

Next, when Dean and the boys came back to the stage, we saw 3-time Canadian Country Music Association Female Artist of the Year, Jess Moskaluke join him to sing Lindi Ortega's part on Bounty. After the song, Brody took a quick break and the Toronto crowd was treated to a performance of her Platinum single, Cheap Wine And Cigarettes. As far as special surprises go in Canadian country music, this was a good one.

That wasn't the end of it though!

The third of four surprise guests was Canadian country music legend, Charlie Major. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of It Can't Happen To Me and the special re-release of the single, Major came out the stage, stood at the microphone with his guitar strapped on and sang clear and strong into the night. It was awesome to see the country fans of all ages singing along to the classic track. We also want to give some special love to Charlie Major, his team at MDM Recordings, and all of the artists that worked on the new It Can't Happen To Me. All proceeds from sales and streaming of this track go directly to MADD Canada. So check it out.

Dean Brody's Toronto shows at the Budweiser Stage have been special in the last two years partly because of the special guest appearances. But the reason that thousands of fans bought tickets and made their way through the soggy city night was Brody himself.

Good Goodbye, Dean Brody & Friends in Toronto

The man is, without a doubt, one of the premier country music entertainers in the country. His hits are well known. His voice is solid and steady. His stage presence keeps all eyes where they're supposed to be. And when he speaks you can hear the genuine love and appreciation for what he gets to do for a living.

Add in his adorable dance moves, his love for the crowd, and his humble Canadiana - and it's no surprise that this crowd, or any other, would be all in.

Throughout the set, there were many opportunities for the crowd to sing along. So they did. They were more than happy to participate. They were engaged in the evening. They were all in.

But before the loudest singing of the entire show, there was one more surprise.

Dean Brody told the Toronto audience more than once that he LOVED the fact that he got to share the stage without Alan Doyle. So when Doyle came back out to the stage during the encore to sing It's Friday, we may not have been completely surprised, but it sure was special.

The show ended with Bring Down The House, his 2x Platinum single and fan favourite. The Budweiser Stage audience was loud. They were excited. And at the very end of the song, they gave us their very loudest singing of the night when thousands of voices came together to shout bring down the house.

It was the perfect ending to a great night. And we can only hope that Dean Brody comes back to Toronto with more friends again next summer!

Good Goodbye, Dean Brody & Friends in Toronto

Dean Brody Setlist, Budweiser Stage Toronto

🍁 Undone
🍁 Love Would Be Enough
🍁 Upside Down
🍁 People Know You By Your First Name
🍁 8th Day
🍁 Roll That Barrel Out
🍁 Good Goodbye
🍁 Bush Party
🍁 Dirt Road Scholar
🍁 Little Yellow Blanket
🍁 Brothers
🍁 Time
🍁 Bounty with special guest Jess Moskaluke
🍁 Cheap Wine And Cigarettes (Jess Moskaluke)
🍁 It Can't Happen To Me (Charlie Major)
🍁 Mountain Man
🍁 Canadian Girls
🍁 It's Friday with special guest Alan Doyle
🍁 Bring Down The House

Photos of Dean Brody at Budweiser Stage Toronto

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