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Going Hollywood!

By Travelingdivas

HOLLYWOOD—Every celebrity has that moment, that unforgettable moment when he or she finally realizes that he or she is no longer just another actor, pop star, rock star, sports athlete or writer. It’s the special moment a stranger stops, points and says, “He’s a star.” 

So many people believe that stars have overnight success, forgetting the struggling years of low-paying, bit parts in B-movies they had to endure before they suddenly appeared in US magazine. It’s truly an accomplishment, a sense of pride, when you receive a star on the Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has been honoring celebrities for 50 years with commemorative stars. You’ll see stars from John Travolta to Ruta Lee. The infamous sidewalk this year has new names including Tina Fey, The Muppets, and Oprah Winfrey.

Sometimes it’s just fun to be a tourist in L.A., and believe it or not, some of the things to do are free. Strolling through the historic L.A. Farmers Market can be fun, while adding a touch of sushi or Brazilian barbecue. You can stop and smell the roses at UCLA campus, since they have three beautiful gardens: the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden, the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Gardens and the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden. If you enjoy architecture, the Bradbury Building features a five-story atrium with glazed bricks and, interestingly enough, many movies were filmed there including "(500) Days of Summer.” If you want to check out the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome and Eltruria, the stunning Getty Villa in Malibu doesn’t cost a dime. In West Hollywood, the place to stop by is “Millions of Milkshakes.” Everyone from Pam Anderson to Miley Cyrus have their own shake. You can order your favorite star shake. The West Hollywood store now carries the “GTOX Detox Shot.”

Actress Ruta Lee by Icons PR

The royal couple probably didn’t have time to stop by last week at “Millions of Milkshakes.” The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, known as Prince William and the former Kate Middleton, did find time to mingle with Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks and Jack Black at the black-tie British Academy of Film and Television Arts dinner, according to ABC News. The couple also mingled with Rosario Dawson, Orlando Bloom and Zoe Saldana at a charity polo match in Santa Barbara.

Whether you’re a royal couple or a celebrity couple dealing with the hordes of paparazzi and corybantic fans can be excruciating. Somehow if celebrity couples have arguments, they will end up on the cover of Star magazine. Celebrities will then issue statements confirming or denying reports. I have mentioned in the past that the pressure on celebrities is huge. Pressed by encircling pressure from their inner circle, fan base and the public at large, it is no wonder they keep their romance top secret as long as possible. The media craze of celebrity combo names of years ago seemed to have faded. Gone are the days of TomKat, referring to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Once in a while, you’ll hear Brangelina, referring to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but that’s it.

Rose’s Scoop: Cirque Du Soleil’s Iris opened on Friday, July 22, exclusively at the Kodak Theatre. The production leads audiences on a lyrical journey through the world of cinema. Definitely a must-see on Rodeo drive is the black and gold Bugatti on the street that will make your jaw drop.  

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