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Going Away for the Weekend ?

By Sue15cat
Going Away for the Weekend ?   I just thought I would share a quick tip for any of you who are going away for a few days during this hot weather, and want your houseplants to survive without having to ask a neighbor to come in and water them.   After giving them a good water you can simply stand them all on a wet towel in the bottom of the bath, or as I usually do because I only have a few indoor plants, half fill the kitchen sink with water, lay an old towel in the water, put the other end of it on a large tray and stand all the plants on top of it.  They will draw up water from the towel as they need it and the towel will absorb more from the sink as they dry it out.    This time however, just as I was setting this up ready to go away last weekend, I remembered the water under our kitchen units and put half the towel under the cupboard in the puddle of water and the other half onto the tray, this had the added bonus of getting the plants in a nice shady corner of the kitchen too and they were soaking up some of the water while I was away from home.   Going Away for the Weekend ?   Sue xx

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