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Go Unlimited on Your Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Posted on the 07 February 2012 by Prepaidplans @prepaidplans

January was a busy month for prepaid mobile recharge offers. Some have unfortunately ended, but there are many still out there. A few weeks ago we launched our new site “Prepaid Recharge Deals” which covers every recharge deal currently available in Australia. This includes deals offered by many of our retailers eg Coles, Woolworths and 7 Eleven.

If you have a deal you know about, we would love to add it. Leave your comments about what you think of the deal or share it with your friends. It is all about helping you save a little bit of money or access some extra value.


Vodafone expanded their Prepaid Cap range last week with the launch of their $50 prepaid cap, adding to the already popular $30 Cap. The original launched with $450 in calls, 500MB (unlimited social media) and unlimited Txt. The new $50 Prepaid Cap has $1000 in calls, 3GB of data (unlimited social media) and unlimited Txt. Data is charged per MB (the $30 Cap has it charged at 25KB). Credit lasts 30 days. Two minute call costs $2.20

Let’s compare it to some of the others eg Telstra, Optus, Virgin and Woolworths Mobile

  • Optus – New Turbo Cap Plus ($50 recharge) offers $1000 in calls, unlimited Txt/MMS, unlimited calls to Optus, unlimited weekend calls, 3GB of data (charged p/MB) plus unlimited social media. Credit lasts 28 days. Two minute call costs $2.17.
  • Telstra – Prepaid Cap Encore ($50 recharge) offers $1000 in calls, 2GB of data (charged p/KB), unlimited calls to anyone from 6pm – 6am (until 23/4/12). Credit lasts 30 days. Two minute call costs $2.17
  • Virgin – Your Caps ($49 recharge) offers $800 in calls, unlimited calls to Virgin, 1GB of data (charged p/60KB). Credit lasts 28 days. Two minute call costs $2.20.
  • Woolworths Mobile – $49 Cap offers $1000 in credit ($500 to other Woolworths Mobile customers) plus 5GB of data (charged p/MB). Credits lasts 45 days. Two minute calls is $2.17.

Whilst the offer is competitive, it isn’t quite ground breaking. Optus’ offer is probably the most competitive on face value but I wouldn’t write-off Telstra’s Encore. 2GB of data at per/KB is pretty close to 3GB charged p/MB. Telstra doesn’t have unlimited social media access but they do have unlimited calls in the evening for the next 3 months (likely to be extended again, says me).

Compare all Vodafone prepaid mobile plans.


Yes it does exist but there aren’t that many offers at the moment. Maybe 2012 is the year that this type of offer will take off.

The current offers are listed below. Optus and Vivid Wireless are the contenders.

  • Optus Data Days – for just $3 per day you get unlimited mobile broadband. Recharge options include $20 for 15 days, $40 for 30 days, $80 for 3 months and $130 for 12 months. Your recharge also comes with unlimited social media access.
  • Vivid Wireless Passes – for $5 you can access unlimited 4G mobile broadband for a whole day or for $30 you can access unlimited mobile broadband for 7 days. Not available in all states.

I am sure more will become available in this category over 2012, particularly as the tablet market drives demand for data. As always we will keep you up to date with the latest.


As discussed there are several great deals on offer at the moment. Below is a sample of the more popular ones but if you want them all “Prepaid Recharge Deals” is where to get them.

Virgin Bonus $1200 Credit
If you purchase $2, $5 or $29 sim pack and recharge with a $29 Your Cap before 31/3/2012 you will receive $200 bonus credit each month for 6 months. Bonus recharge must be issued in total before 30/9/2012.

Optus New Turbo Cap Plus – Unlimited Weekend Calls
Connect with the Optus New Turbo Cap Plus before 31/3/2012 and stay connected for the entire year with minimum credit and you will receive unlimited weekend calls to Australian standard numbers. This includes national voice calls to mobiles, landlines and 1300/1800 numbers.

Amaysim – 20% off your first order
Sign up to the Amaysim Unlimited, As You Go or Mobile Broadband and activate before 15/2/2012 and you will receive 20% off your first order.

Vodafone 365 Days Special Offer
Recharge with $30 on the 365 Day prepaid mobile plan by 29/2/2012 and get infinite standard national Vodafone to Vodafone calls for 365 days (standard voice calls within Australia). Must activate recharge by 29/02/2012.

Telstra Prepaid Cap Encore Free Calls
If you sign up with Telstra’s Prepaid Cap Encore you will receive unlimited calls from 6pm to 6am every night of the week to any network. This offer now runs until the 23/4/2012. You can sign up with a $30 recharge, which offers $250 in calls and 500MB of data. Lets hope Telstra keep extending it!

Lebara Mobile Mega Plan $9.90 Bonus Offer
Buy a $39.90 Mega Plan Starter pack online between 25/01/2012 and 29/02/2012 and receive a BONUS $9.90 Mega Recharge voucher. The Mega Recharge voucher can be used to top-up your included call credit for international calls and data, at Lebara’s standard low-cost rates.


Last issue we had Savvytel giving away one month’s free calls and 3GB of data via their Savvytel Extreme plan. Anthony from Wagga Wagga is our lucky prize winner. This is why Anthony thought he deserved to win. Thanks again Savvytel!

“an extremely smart prepaid user in a very connected world would want to send an extreme stream of calls out to loved ones and send an endless stream of text to friends and colleagues. That’s being truly savvy in an extremely well connected world.

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