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Go The F To Sleep

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh

Don’t'judge me.
I know atleast 2 to 3 nights a week you are all thinking the same thing and just want toyell "go the F to sleep" from the top of your lungs.
I’m so notcondoning this, but I understand.Go The F To Sleep
Nighttimeis supposed to be for us.  Time to finally unwind and close up themommy shop for day. For me its when I finally get time to write, visit otherblogs, talk to the hubby in an intelligible manner about grown up things, andthe ever so important, loaf around and watch some bad reality TV.  
I earnedit.  
Some howthough, this memo has not been relayed to our kids.  I truly believe theythink we’re out there having some kind of Sprout- Nick Jr.- Disney channellollapalooza that they are totally missing out on.  Why else do they sneakout of their rooms ninja stealth style, lurking in dimly lit hallways? They think they're going to catch us in the act.
Yeah, likeI’m in my living room sipping wine with DJ Lance and the Yo Gabba Gabba crew.. Um, NOT.  
Seriously,every other hour of the day our kids sound like they have lead feet, stompingand thumping around.  Now all of a sudden, when it’s bedtime, theyconveniently learn how to be quiet.  
And whenthey're not sneaking out of their rooms, they're still getting out of theirbeds barking orders like they're in the royal family. 
Forexample:"Getme some water""Iwant the fan on""Ineed my kitchen towel" (I'll explain this another day)"I'mhot"or mypersonal favorite, "I had a really weird dream"
So what isit?  Do we have to drag our kids half way across the city back and forthin order for them to stay in their beds?  I for one am not averse totaking my son out to run laps around the block a few times if that’s what ittakes.
What aresome of the techniques you use to keep your kids from getting out of bed atnight? Leave a comment and share your techniques.  I'll be using your comments for a follow uppost.

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