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Glycemic Load Diet Progress

By Brian @WineInMyGlass

I’ve been following the Glycemic Load Diet for about a week now. I’m prediabetic, so I monitor my blood glucose levels. Before I started this diet, I would frequently have levels of 130-140 mg/dl or higher. Sometimes my morning reading would even be over 130. Since I started following the Glycemic Load Diet, my highest reading has been 119, and that includes measurements done after eating. This is a definite improvement.

This isn’t a difficult diet to follow. Like most low-carb diets, fast food and frozen convenience foods aren’t really an option anymore (although Culver’s does have some good salads). The basic idea is to avoid starches, which includes most “white foods.” No bread, no rice, no pasta, and no potatoes. (This also means no cookies, cakes, pies, etc.) Also, no drinks that contain sugar, and that includes juices. The author does allow some options for dessert, including a small amount of dark chocolate.

Additionally, regular exercise is recommended. He suggests walking at least every other day for at least 30 minutes. This is to help reduce insulin resistance by “waking up” certain types of muscle tissue.

You can get the book, The Glycemic Load Diet by Rob Thompson M.D., on Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle edition.

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