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Glowing Up: the DOs and DONTs for Ladies

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Every woman dreams about fancy clothes, heavy make-ups, expensive perfume, dashing jewelry, and the like. But glowing up is far more than that.

As the saying goes by Scott Westerfeld, Uglies, "What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful."

That said it is important to consider the dos and don'ts. And this includes proper hygiene, appropriate clothing, skincare routine, healthy lifestyle habits, productivity, and developing good character.

Here are the DOs and DONTs that will help you glow - Bringing out the Sunshine in You:


1. Dress with Decency

Femininity does not always mean revealing too much skin. Rather dressing you in modesty.

Organize your clothes properly. Make sure to wash it thoroughly and fold it. Iron it only when you need it at the time being. And to help you get away with the hassle, I recommend you to use cordless iron.

2. Buy Clothes Wisely

Choose carefully when it comes to your wardrobes. Don't be fooled just because you like it and that it is beautiful, branded, or so what. Mind it well if it will be used on many different occasions or hangouts. Buy it because you will need it for the rest of your life not just at the present moment.

3. Get into Shape

You do not need to go to the gym or have every workout tool. It is easy everywhere you are you can do your exercise. Even a simple stretching, cardio and zumba exercises for 5 to 10 minutes daily will do.

4. Build a Good Skincare Routine

Having good skin can probably boost your confidence. Wash your face daily with mild whitening soap that suits your skin. Applying toner can help to get rid of our dry skin. Putting moisturizer for your face and body can keep your skin soft and glowing.

5. Create Sleep Hygiene Routine

Having good hygiene can help you sleep well. Shower before bed is really good to have a fresh and relaxing night. Brushing your teeth also keeps your breath smells good.

6. Develop Healthy Sleeping Habit and Lifestyle

Sleeping eight hours a day can make our body healthy and strong. Also, having a positive mind prevents you from any stress and anxiety. As simple as taking a 5 to 10 minutes break from the busyness is enough to lose all the stress.

7. Create Good Meal Routine

It is somehow fun to eat foods that we usually want, but food that has high risks in any sickness such as meat, pork, and any raw foods that contain high cholesterol must not be prepared daily. Also, this type of food creates bad hygiene in our bodies. To have a good meal routine, vegetables and fruits must be served in the table daily for it has so many good benefits in our body.

8. Drink Teas

Drinking green tea will help our body detoxify. Tea brings tons of healthy nutrients in the mind and body.


1. Stress Yourself Too Much

One of the reasons why most of us ladies will look so lousy is that we used to engage ourselves with so much negativity and we are not aware that it reflects on our looks. Remember that we do not have control over everything, but we can take care of how we react to the negativities.

2. Sleep Late

It is not about how long your sleep but it is how early you sleep. Skincare experts will tell you that sleep plays important role in developing healthy cells in our body.

3. Use of Any Soap

Some of us have sensitive skin and using ordinary soap might cause irritation or any damage to our body. The best option is to seek for professional advice from skincare experts on which soap is best for you.

4. Eat any Foods

Peanut, for example, is one of the factors that can cause acne and even some oily foods can cause some blackheads around our face and body. Fatty foods could cause skin aging as well. The best of choice is vegetable salad and fruits.

5. Alcoholic Drink and Smoke

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes may also cause acne in our skin, most of all it will destroy our health in so many ways. Moderation is the key to keep a healthy glowing skin and healthy lifestyle.

6. Overdue Diet

The diet helps achieve our dream body shape but then too much isn't good as well.

7. Dehydrate

This is one of the things that we tend to ignore. We usually forget to drink more water due to a busy schedule or not doing it as a habit. Make sure to cleanse your body with clean drinking water


Loving yourself means doing what would be good and beneficial for you just like taking care of your health and your skin. And also, for us to have good self-confidence and high self-esteem, make sure to do the things that will help you glow up and remind yourself of the things that you should avoid doing.

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