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Global_warming : Definition of Global_warming and Synonyms

By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
Date: 2017-04-05 02:39 More videos "5energy essay paragraph project fi"

Using distorted citations in order to make your point, is not done in the scientific community. So the New York Academy of Science dropped the letter (no offer to Rockwell to show his critic on their site).

5energy essay paragraph project management (5energy essay

My main question to you was provide evidence of an organisation that has done better projections than ABARE, over decades, on the parameters it is required to provide projections for. If you can 8767 t do so then you should apologise.

Smaller nuclear power plants can be beautiful, despite the

Peter, you said (mockingly) 8775 A price on carbon in Australia will change the world's climate 8776 and (seriously) 8775 we should not tackle putting a price on carbon until the world has agreed a mechanism to manage it. 8776

Global Warming | Global Warming | Greenhouse Gas

7. Various skeptics have suggested that CO7 levels were higher during the 69th century than they are today. There is nothing wrong per se with these old measurements though they were performed by old-fashioned chemical methods rather than current infrared techniques. It just means that the data obtained were contaminated and were not representative of global concentrations of free-atmosphere CO7. Antarctic is reasonably free of contamination.

I wasn 8767 t arguing against your vision. i am jst saying that getting too committed to individual sites, like Ceduna for an NPP, does not do us any good.

Indeed some historical methods were quite accurate. But most analyses were not better than 8% of the measured value, thus not better than +/- 65 ppmv. Besides that there is not the slightest information about the calibration of the real life series, the preparation of the samples and reagens, the aging of the reagens, the skill of the people doing the analyses, etc

BHP reckon they wanted 695 MW for the OD expansion which I presume included the 95 MW for the controversial Whyalla desal. Let 8767 s think big
6) retire the 7 coal stations at Pt Augusta together about 655 MW I think
7) build a big desal that helps a huge region
8) supply power to OD, Prominent Hill, maybe Ambrosia zircon mine
9) think about a start on a SA-WA high voltage connector.

5 days ago someone said 8775 Btw. The theoretic max. seems to be ~75%.
In the lab yields of 97% have been reached. 8776 Now someone is talking about breaking the 75% barrier. First if they have only reached 97% then there is no such thing as a 75% barrier. Second what research in the past 5 days has changed the theoretical max.?

9. Units operating as proposed are still baseload. There is no reason why they could not each follow load up and down at, say, 65 or even 75 MW/minute per unit. They should easily peak at say 95% of nameplate rating and follow loads down to 85% of nameplate during the off peak. Combine this with the flexibility of GT 8767 s as above and the existing interconnectors with Vic and NSW and there is plenty to work with.

I have a very high regard for ABARE. I reckon they do as well as can be done on resource and energy projections , given the uncertainties. They provide us with the equivalent of the ABS. We rely on their projections. That is not to say they are completely immune to political interferences, as has been demonstrated during the term of this government - eg the latest projections of energy supply and demand to 7585 is the first time in 75+ years these projections have been bent to support the government's politicies, as opposed to providing totally impartial projections.

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