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Global and Mobile

By Judithmiddleton


The Northern Echo featured a breaking story todayabout a local employer which has decided to relocate part of its business from Darlington and in so doing purportedly offered alternative roles in other locations to the staff who would be affected. One of those other locations, however, was reported to be in the Philippines where the new package on offer reputedly includes a rice allowance. Needless to say the workforce is objecting robustly at the concept of moving 7,000 miles to keep their jobs. There are a few though who are reserving their position. They are the ones who have presumably been in touch today to find out if: Manila is far enough away that the ex won’t try to visit; that the CSA can’t touch them there; whether taking all their pay in rice will prevent a maintenance claim; in due course if they remarry will they be able to bring their bride back to the UK.

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