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Global Action Atlas- Fundraise for Your Project

Posted on the 21 February 2011 by Mregina @justfundraising

Fundraise for the environment I love the people at National Geographic. It’s such a great magazine; It educates, inspires and the organization is heavily involved with improving the environment.

No matter what your interests are they have a project that you can help out with. You can get involved with different cultures, climate change, new energies, huminitariasm causes and more.

The Global Action Atlas is a new initiative at National Geographic. What is it, exactly? The Atlas is an interactive, map-based tool highlighting local projects around the world. Visitors can connect with the organizations and individuals behind the projects to volunteer, advocate, donate and support worthy causes in a range of ways.

Check out National Geographics Global Action Atlas to see what interests you would like to help out.

When you’ve made your decision contact us  to see our fundraising options to help you on your way.

Drop a comment and let us know which Global Action Atlas activity you’ve chosen to support.  

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