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Glass: The Future of Google Gadgets

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Hadi20 @hadi_frht

Guest post by: Gerri L Elder 
No one knows for sure how Google’s latest project, Glass, is going to do in the consumer marketplace. Hardly anyone who isn’t a Google developer has one, as purchases were limited to those initiated into Google’s Explorer program, where a select few were allowed to pay $1,500 for the product so long as they agreed to provide user feedback. Combined with a high price tag, the fact that Glass can’t access the Internet without a supplemental cell phone data plan or Wi-Fi connection is putting off critics.
The device does have its high points, of course. When users wear the brow band, a small screen sits above their right eye, giving them access to handy info like driving directions or flight information and allowing them to take photos or video. Its functions are controlled by voice command, head movement or a tap on the brow.
On the flip side, Glass isn’t the most attractive headgear. One would be hard pressed to find a fashionista strolling down Fifth Avenue in such a strange-looking device. It also creates an opportunity for privacy violations, as those around the wearer may not be aware that they are being videotaped or photographed. Also, anyone who can’t see without corrective eyeglasses won’t be able to use the device.
Even without knowing what the future holds, rival companies are working on their own questionable futuristic devices to compete. Apple has hinted at a mysterious watch rumored to be capable of making phone calls, pulling up maps and offering health tips. Another company is performing tests on LED-based contact lens that would project images in front of the wearer’s eyes. Perhaps most interestingly, Fabrican hopes to release a spray-on fabric that allows users to create clothing from out of nowhere, spraying clothes onto their skin from a spray bottle. The formula dries on the body, creating a thin layer of fabric that can be removed, washed and worn again.
Glass: The Future of Google Gadgets (Infographic)
Guest post by: Gerri L Elder
Source: Great Business Schools

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