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Glass Nail Files

By Shoesfashfit @lolashoelove
Design Glassware has a large selection of gorgeous glass nail files, mirrors, tweezers, costume jewellery and lots more. The website is easy to navigate, you can look through all of the categories from the sleek menu on the left side. They offer tons of glass nail files in lots of designs, my personal favourite being the crystal nail files. They also have glass files that are hand painted, zodiac, 3d, birthstones, and lots more. They sell the glass files in beautiful gift sets too. They would make great Christmas presents for any of the women in your family, or a great gift for any occasion.
Glass Nail Files
The glass nail files are affordable, with prices starting as low as $5, and the standard size fits easily inside your purse. Or if you would rather keep one inside of your clutch or wallet they sell 'mini' glass files too. They are meant to last forever, so you won't need to worry about replacements.
My sister was actually the first person to introduce glass nail files to me. I had never heard of them before and thought it sounded kind of funny, but I looked them up and tried one and I was convinced I would never use any other nail file again. Not only are they amazing for filing and shaping your nails, they are better for your nails too and they look a lot better and last a lot longer then other cardboard nail files.
Glass Nail Files Glass nail files are better for your nails because of the unique design. With continued use they will help strengthen your nails, preventing splitting and breakage because of the special surfaces. There's no need to worry about the nail file breaking either, they are made of tempered glass and are very strong, if for any reason they do break the tempered glass is safe for you to pick up. Glass nail files can be washed with just soap and water, making them more hygienic, so you can ensure there is no bacteria left after your manicures and pedicures.
Be aware that there are cheaper replicas and you should avoid them, they are not designed, or manufactured as well and will break easily and hurt your nails!
I highly suggest you check out the glass nail files from Especially if you are someone that has weak or brittle nails, over time you may find a difference using glass nail files, plus they are more durable and cleaner too.
*I was compensated for writing this post, all opinions stated above are 100% my own.*

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