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Gladiators in Suits! Scandal is Back...

Posted on the 28 September 2012 by Virginiamae @SugarRushedBlog

Gladiators in Suits!  Scandal is back...

How effing classy is Olivia Pope?  She's so classy that she answers the phone late at night while wearing white silk pj pants and a white sweater, drinking a massive glass of red wine on her white couch.  Olivia Pope would never spill red wine on her pristine white pajamas or white couch.  That's the power of Class.

That is not a spoiler, anymore than it's a spoiler to state that last season ofScandal was a tightly plotted masterpiece crammed into a mere six episodes.  In spite of the on-paper over-the-top salacious premises of this show, it's so grounded by the cast's excellent acting that even the most twistedly soapalicious political-romantic-murderous-secretive developments feel grounded in some strange form of reality.

Okay, now for the spoilers, relating to the season 2 premiere....

Olivia and Fitz: Seriously, red wine.  White pj's.  That scene rocks.  It just shows how even while pondering some serious career problems and nearly choking levels of romance-related vulnerability, Olivia maintains an admirable level of poise.  That said, the interactions between Liv and Fitz are still heartbreakingly intense.  Their relationship really hinges on how well they balance each other out, with her giving him the perfect advice for his marital and war-related (?! how does this show pull stuff like this off so smoothly?!) woes, and just the sound of his voice soothing her and providing her the confidence to pull off two impossible wins at work the next day.  It's that bittersweet "in another life we could have been" feel to their relationship that makes it such excellently stirring television gold.

Quinn, the Molotov Mistress: Damn, girl.  We waited all summer to find out your secret, and boy, it was just as juicy - or juicier - as we might have hoped!  But that last twist was unbelievable.  Two huge questions remain: why did Olivia bail Quinn out two years ago?  And who really sent that bomb?!

No more Stephen...Even though he was dismissed by one line of dialogue, it's pretty believable that the shiznit that went down last season would send any sane person running for the hills (aka a "normal life").  So it's kind of a no-brainer in explaining where Henry Ian Cusick (so ubiquitous!  So commitment phobic to every show he signs onto!) went.  I mean, his character was also possibly the next-weakest after Harrison, or else they were basically the same character split into two, and there is only room to fully develop one of them.  Harrison can now grow into more than just that quietly confident, smooth, too-perfect-seeming guy at the table.  And is that a cute flirtation between him and Quinn I sense?

Cyrus is...maybe not a total psycho like Billy (shudder), but he's a cold, calculating killer who got away with it and is acting like nothing ever happened, which is even scarier.  

How long can he keep all of that crazy Amanda Tanner business under wraps, especially from Fitz?

Mellie, oh Mellie...you're so freaking annoying.

Abby...still effectively contrary and sassy, which is your job.  However, what about a new love interest now that you've been cruelly cheated of the studly Stephen?

Huck...I knew he was involved with the Quinn cover-up, but couldn't figure out why, until it led back to Liv.  His unswerving loyalty to Olivia and quietly-brewing mania combined with overall sweetness make him one of the best, most unpredictable characters.  Can't wait to see what else he gets up to this season!

David...he's likable, even very likable, but as a love interest for Olivia, I am not buying it.  Even so, I fully expect this to develop into a doomed relationship, doomed because she can't love anyone but Fitz and we all know it.

So many unanswered questions!  So much wackiness semi-normalized by Class!  Season 2 of Scandal is off to an amazing start.

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