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Giving Back in 2013

Posted on the 21 December 2012 by Alizasherman @alizasherman

Giving Back in 2013If you know me, then you know the core purpose behind just about everything I do is to share knowledge to empower others.

This was true when I started Cybergrrl, Inc. back in the 90s and has been that inner compass, that has guided me with every business I’ve started.

Giving back and doing anything it takes to help others isn’t always the best thing for a company’s financial bottom line, but it is good for the soul. I often discount my rates to help clients in need, even if I can’t always afford it. I also turn down money from entities who are doing things that aren’t in sync with my values. If I don’t think I can be helpful, if I don’t think my work can empower and inspire others, I won’t do it. I’m stubborn that way.

Even though my firm belief in the importance of giving back can put a damper on my earning capacity, I don’t think I’m losing. Being able to contribute – even in a small but steady way – to help others is some of what brings meaning into my life. If I cannot incorporate giving back, teaching and sharing into my every day work, then what’s the point?

In that spirit, I’m donating some of my time each week in 2013 to help a nonprofit organization with their online marketing. I am seeking 52 organizations who would like to pick my brain and get some of my recommendations for how to be more effective at what they are doing online to further their causes.

If you know me, you know that I’m partial to women’s issues, girls’ issues, environmental issues, animal welfare, and hunger issues. I’m very interested in the global aspect of these issues. That’s not to say that I won’t consider working with a nonprofit representing other causes. I will carefully consider each submission based mostly on if I think I can be helpful.

If you represent a nonprofit, please fill out the following quick form with a brief summary of what your organization does and where you might need help online. Please include a URL and contact information.

If you know of a nonprofit who could use my help, please fill out the form with a brief summary and contact information or a URL.

And if you’re just reading this, please retweet, post, pin, and otherwise share with others who might be interested in my offer.

Many thanks!

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