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Giving Away Things That I Like

By Sue15cat
Giving Away Things That I Like
Advent Challenge - Day 5 Emma Bridgewater Jug.
I've gotten to the stage now that I am actually, in some instances, giving away things that I really like.  Not many but some.  I like the chest of drawers that I'm giving to my son, I really like this little jug, but they are things that I am not using, are not really needed and by giving them away I hope that they will be appreciated and useful to someone else.  It's easier to let go of things the more you get into the 'giving' mindset.
The Christmas decorations have gone up, not many but the few that we do put up.  It's become a bit of a tradition to put them up on our anniversary now and it was our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday.  Lovely Hubby came home from his week working away to find the living room toasty warm with the log burner lit, candles twinkling away on the mantlepiece and the living room looking suitably Christmassy.  It's a nice contrast to the outside of the house with the dust, rubble and building supplies stacked everywhere.
I watched the Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners episode on Channel Four last night and was amazed to see the lady washing her baubles in bleach water, and even more amazed to learn that she takes them off the tree and re-does them every week.  I'm afraid mine stay 'dirty' and I guess dusty, until they come down after Christmas.  Life's too short to bleach a bauble!!
And as for the lady that takes her tree down at 2pm on Christmas Day!!!
Giving Away Things That I Like
The conservatory improvements are coming on in leaps and bounds now with the Upvc trims going on yesterday to hide all the gaps between building and the roof.  The spaces are backed with wood and infilled with insulation to make a cosy, secure and Building Regs approved space.
Giving Away Things That I Like
The steel supporting columns are being bricked around so that the roof will look like it is supported with brick columns instead of the steel uprights.  Much more aesthetically pleasing and it will match the house better once we repaint early next Summer.  We are going to be three or four shades of gray instead of the more usual 50 ;-)
Giving Away Things That I Like
Thank goodness for the Christmas decorations inside the house, sometimes you need a little oasis of cosy, calm to keep your spirits up.
Sue xx

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