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Giving 110%

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Everyone has their pet-peeves.  As a social studies teacher, my pet-peeve is when people screw up their geography.  Someone from Philadelphia says “This weekend I’m going down to New York City.”  No, Sparky.  NYC is north and therefore “UP” not “DOWN.”110

Of course, English teachers have about a gazillion pet-peeves when people write and talk.  The word gazillion is probably among them.  Here’s a written example … “In The Scarlet Letter, Dimmesdale struggles with his hidden guilt, he becomes increasingly ill and weak as Chillingworth delves into his heart.”  If you didn’t catch the mistake, ask your local English teacher.

Anyway, when it comes to sports, one of my pet-peeves is “110%.”  

Boy, he really stepped it up and gave 110% today!”  NO, HE DID NOT!   Is it really that difficult to understand that anything above 100% is impossible?  

People say 110% because they want others (and themselves) to think they normally give 100% but somehow found a little extra in the moment of the crucial game.  What they really meant was that all this time they were giving probably around 90-95% and were motivated to give a little more in the moment.  Of course, nobody wants to admit they were not giving 100% so they jump it up to 110% to save face and their ego.

It needs to stop.  My head just might explode if I hear it again.

Tomorrow’s post:  Short fungo drill (Part 2)


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