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Give a Frock Friday

By Heidi @missfinn

While away on our glamping trip this week, I finally had the opportunity to engross myself in Grace Coddington: A Memoir (a book my BFF Kirsty gave my for my birthday way back in August) and so my dear friends, the consequences of my reading this marvelous memoir and trip down memory lane is that you will now be inundated with pictures from Grace’s vast catalog of editorials for Vogue – aren’t you lucky? I love to ready biographies and I am always greatly influenced by the subjects I read about and Grace Coddington has been no exception. I am simply in total infatuation with this woman’s talent and love for clothes and fashion and her delightful self-depracating attitude. She is a woman who comes across as having always known exactly who she is and is incredibly good at self-acceptance and pragmatism. She’s been around for some time and effortlessly fell into modelling and a career at Vogue in a way that just does not happen anymore. And so we come to today’s Frock …

fendi_kate_grace_mario_vogue 2000
As it was Kate’s 40th birthday on the 16th (finally!) I wanted to honor that by posting this gorgeous picture taken by Mario Testino (the master of sexy pictures in my mind) for Vogue in 2000 which of course was styled by Grace Coddington. The frock is Fendi and features stunningly detailed crystal appliqué – the perfect frock to celebrate in, yes?

I’m in deep focus this week as I prepare for my first ever teaching session at yoga. I found myself having great difficulty finding the words to poses I have practiced hundreds perhaps thousands of times, it has been incredibly eye-opening and humbling. Speaking, breathing, remembering what to say and to remind students to inhale and exhale is so much harder than it looks!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

love & light xo


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