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Give a Frock Friday

By Heidi @missfinn

Give a frock Friday

“Ulyana Sergeenko, one of a contingent of wealthy young Russian women who are becoming a highly visible, if not ostentatious, presence at the couture shows in Paris”. So says The New York Times. Ulyana Sergeenko is a designer and photographer and in my opinion, one very stylish woman. This photograph was shot by the wonderful street photographer in Paris wearing her own design. Another blogger described her as “anachronistic” – which means one that is out of its proper or chronological order, especially a person that belongs to an earlier time. This describes Ulyana perfectly. If you Google her, you will find many images of her looking very much like a woman transported from the 40s and 50s.

I am sorry for the limited posts this week. It’s been one crazy-busy week! We’ve had family visiting from inter-state, my daughter Annabel has had extra ballet lessons for her upcoming exam and with me starting my new job, I have yet to work out a new blogging plan… I am truly exhausted… Bear with me friends


Have a great weekend. xx

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