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Give a Frock Friday

By Heidi @missfinn
Give a frock FridayToday's frock is inspired by something that is happening tomorrow.  It has to do with Carrie Bradshaw and episode 6 of season 1 where she has her picture taken for a publicity photo.Carrie is so darn professional-model-like in her shoot, for a character who is not a model, how is it that she knows all the moves? The infamous "naked dress" is Calvin Klein, by the way.
I have been dreaming about personalising my blog header since late last year. I want my header image to evolve the way I like, I wish, I heart has evolved. It's true, other blogs I read have inspired me to do this, but it was a foodie blog, MattBites that sparked the first seeds of having someone take my picture for it. How it's all going to look in the end is still percolating in little bursts in my mind.  
Anyway, my question to you dear readers is this. How is an otherwise very self-conscious girl - who loathes having her picture taken, going to get her inner Carrie Bradshaw on at the shoot?  
And just to be clear, no I won't be wearing a naked dress!
Help me,please!
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