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Girls Road Trip!

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
girls road trip!image viawell the day has finally come for my girl's road trip to albany. i super excited for this weekend. sometime tomorrow morning, we'll be in a mess that looks like this....
girls road trip!image viamatching perkis power t-shirts, lots of laughs sure to come, and throwing powdered paint at each other while we run for a good cause. i'm ready to rock it!
have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

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By Erre Ese
posted on 24 April at 15:15

Dear Elleelizabeth,

I'm writing you from a little magazine called enBarcelona (Spain). I love your road trip photo and I would like to publilsh it on an article about travelling by car.

I just would like to ask you if it could be possible... I would try to offer you something in exchange, not have much, but of course your credit as photographer would appear on the magazine and, if you like to, also your weblog or site.

Please write me if you agree, I'll would need in that case the image in a bigger size!

Thank you very much, Yours faithfully

Sergi Staff editor at