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Girl Power – Are We There Yet?

By Erikalust

During a break at the film shooting today (which is going great by the way!) I’ve discovered this great video thanks to the Toronto SlutWalk Facebook page.

This amazing girl, Amber, talks in a video about girl power and about how we receive false messages saying that we’re already there, that we already are in an equal situation with men, but the thing is these messages are empty since they’re not backed by solid actions to make the female social status actually evolve.Yes things are better than 50 years ago, but there are still lots of things to do before women, and women’s sexuality, stop being stereotyped and diminished.

I advise you have a look at this video and at Amber’s youtube channel, NineteenPercent, and you can also follow her on Twitter.

I love her sarcasm and her natural pragmatism: she says what she sees everyday and welcomes other people’s reactions.

What do you think?

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