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Girl Bosses: How to Claim Your Wings and Fly

By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn
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In a world that quickly brushes sexual assault under the rug and calls it 'locker room' talk, a world where girls are told they are men's property and solely exist for men's pleasure.
I choose to celebrate GIRLS, to support them, to empower them and to fight this daily battle,We live in a society where girls aren't allowed to enjoy the innocence of their childhood and are being married off before the age of 15.
I come from a culture that raised girls to shrink themselves to accommodate men, a cultural attribute I was raised to challenge by the amazing woman who thought me that African feminism is possible and girls are as valuable as boys. Girls are human as boys and told me never to allow my femininity gets in the way of my ambitions and goals. I was lucky to have such a role model and today I can come to tell you, beautiful young girls, to know that you can dream, you can rule, you can lead , you can aspire to anything because you are a Girl. I stand with you and tell you that  culture is not written in stone, doubt it, challenge it and change it. We are the culture. Make your own rules and break them.You are a girl boss, start acting like it.
The women in this portrait are those I am lucky to call my tribe and I am honoured to have them as my model for this post.
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