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Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day!

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers
Photo by Flickr user, Dancing Lemur

Photo by Flickr user, Dancing Lemur

If you could name one woman who has been there for you more than anyone else, who would it be? Most of us would say our mothers. Our moms have kissed our boo-boos, sang us to sleep, supported us when no one else would, and pushed us to be the best version of ourselves.

You know she deserves the best, but with Mother’s Day right around the corner, choosing the perfect gift can be a tough challenge. Here are five suggestions that we think she’d love!

1. Patio Set

Whether her current patio set is getting old and worn-out, or if she has been begging for one for over three years, now is the time to make her day. She’ll love being able to host gatherings outside with family and friends and she’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather all summer long.


2. Hammock

Who doesn’t love lounging in the shade with a cold drink and some music? A hammock is a great way to show her you value all she does and that she deserves time to relax. There are several options too. Place it under a tree or out in the sun. This is a convenient and affordable gift that she’s sure to love.


3. Wine Cooler

A wine cooler/beverage chiller is the perfect gift for your mom or wife. She’ll love having a special spot for all her favorite drinks, whether it be Moscato or Coca-Cola. With all kinds of sizes and options, you’ll have no problem getting the perfect one for her needs!


4. Coffee Bean Roaster
Perfect for the coffee lover, a coffee bean roaster makes that morning cup of joe a little more savory. She’ll love the freshness and quality offered when roasting whole beans. This gift with her favorite type of coffee is sure to make waking up in the morning a lot more tempting.


5. Juicer or Blender

Is it a fading fad or a healthy trend? Either way, for the health guru, a juicer is a great gift for your mom or wife. Likewise, a blender can be fun too. Who doesn’t love a breakfast smoothie? She’ll love what she can make, and she’ll love it even more if you make it for her!


Have any other great ideas? Let us know!

Five Fantastic Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day! by Liz

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