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Gifts at Christmas Time Or Love on Valentine’s Day: Advice for Husbands

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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Now, we know, Christmas is just around the corner and everybody is excited. Well, your wife is – you maybe not so much, unless that new pair of socks you were waiting for have finally been released by Primark. We digress, but it’s always a tricky question for husbands as to what’s more important.

When Christmas comes, Santa pops up all over our screens, lists are written and sent. But, when Valentine’s Day is here, flowers appear from everywhere and your wife is ready to escape for a romantic trip away. But, which is more important for husbands in the grand scheme of things?

Christmas time – Gifts at Christmas can be almost generic, they certainly are amongst parents and children – and vice versa. It can be tough to know whether it’s worth thinking outside of the box or playing it safe. The reason for this is that, usually, this festive period is a time spent with respective families. This means that “us” time can be something that has to wait until Valentine’s Day. That said, gifts are always going to be important. The big question is; do you go for the necklace, the jewelry chest, perfume, massage oils or a chocolate fountain? Yeah, always the latter, gifts are better when you can enjoy them too.

Valentine’s Day – While the former can be looked into as something whereby romantic presents are not as crucial, this one is what I would class as the big one. This is time where your wife will be looking for you to go outside the box and whisk her off for a romantic meal, weekend or similar. I don’t think that Valentines cards on their own will do the trick. Certainly, in my household, treats on this day are far more important than the gifts given at Christmas. Now it’s time to decide though, should you go out for a meal, splash out on a romantic getaway or get her something sentimental? Over to you.

Ultimately, women – in the main – are romantic. They aren’t impressed with superficial things; a new necklace or ring doesn’t even get close to a romantic meal or weekend in her eyes – regardless of whether it gets close to the price!

You don’t have to be a shrewd businessman to understand the value of things. Just because a gift costs more on the price tag doesn’t mean it will be appreciated as much as something sentimental. A home-made gift given with Hallmark cards can be just as well received as her favorite bottle of perfume.

Offering advice to husbands is difficult because nobody knows your wife better than you. But, always consider that Valentine’s Day love often means more to her than Christmas gifts.

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