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By Owlandtwine
Gifting :: PhotosGifting :: PhotosGifting :: Photos
If you're anything like me, then you take quite a few photographs of your little ones.  And those images probably don't actually ever come to life on paper.  Which is quite sad because they are treasure.  But this holiday season I set out to bring some of these cherished photos of my family to life.  And I'm giving them to the Grandparents for Christmas.
Before I wrapped the photographs, I settled in my favorite reading chair with a cup of mint tea and savored each one.  Holding these beautiful images in my hands brought me right back to the moment when each one was taken.  I could vividly see my little one's smiles again, fresh and bright.  I recalled what the air smelled like on that day, crisp and piney, a little bit sweet.  One photograph brought Eric's voice right back to life.  "If that photo turns out I'd like to have it, framed."  That particular image was of Eric and Sully walking down a tree lined path holding hands.  In that moment the only sound was the crunch of leaves beneath their feet and slow whistle of leaves from above.
It felt wonderful to wrap these sacred photographs up yesterday.  And it was a reminder to myself that I need to do more actual printing, for this is art and love and gift-giving of the best kind.

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