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Gift Shopping For Nepal – Part 2

By Hanna

With only a couple of days left till I leave, all my shopping for Nepal has finally been completed! In my previous post I had only been gift shopping for my MiL, but now it is all done and I can breathe a sigh of relief. But that still isn’t stopping M throwing some odd requests at me, for example, asking me to bring Red Leicester cheese. (!?)

I will show the gifts for my FiL and A dai in this post. Although M and his sister’s gifts are ready he is a big kid and will ruin his surprises if I post them just yet. So I will have to update you once I arrive in Nepal – stay tuned!


My FiL, baba, is a difficult man to buy for. As if men were not hard enough, M’s dad is a real challenge. I went through multiple ideas ranging from cufflinks to alcohol to the Monopoly board game. Everything I suggested M said he would not value. As baba is an important man in his work and is often appearing on media I got him a nice formal shirt to wear.

But once I had decided on a white shirt I spent days trawling around London to find the perfect colour of white that won’t be wasted if I take it to a country like Nepal. M&S answered my prayers as they had a striped off white shirt made from 100% cotton. Perfect! 


English humour!

I did not even need to think of a gift for A dai. After an impromptu visit to Camden Market some months ago I saw the tshirt hanging up and did not even think twice. I was so excited about it that I accidentally blurted the gift out to him so it is no longer a surprise. I am glad that not all the men in my life are so fussy and picky with gifts! A dai would be happy if I got him a a one pound London mug from the bargain bin.


Just call me the Easter bunny!

Finally, I also have a ton of chocolate and sweets - I couldn’t help it… it’s Easter. And everyone knows that English chocolates are the best chocolates! Now is the hard part not being tempted to eat any before my flight.

However, I sadly do not have any Creme Eggs in my collection as they had sold out everywhere. I am hoping I will be able to find some before my flight. I mentioned to M I might not be able to bring over the cheese and he got a bit sulky so I do not want a repeat of that!

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