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Giant Rabbit

By Gerard @presurfer
Giant Rabbit
Somebody thinks I'm selling Giant Rabbits. Yesterday I got this spam email from someone who says he's John Barber and he wants to buy a Giant Rabbit.
My name is John Barber and this order is an individual order. I like to make a purchase of a Giant Rabbit and I will be more than happy if you can email me with the types and prices that you have for sale. Please let me know if you do accept credit card as a form of payment, and that will be pick up at your location. Hope to read back from you soon. Kind Regards, John Barber.
I don't understand why people sent these spam messages because what are they trying to gain? There's no link to click. Putting this message into Google shows a lot of the same emails. The only difference is the product they want to buy. They differ from post drivers and rotary brooms to popcorn machines. From me they want a Giant Rabbit.The Presurfer

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By omidigi776
posted on 19 March at 08:07
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i think is fake